Adraxis (CE) God of Dragons, Greed, Caves
Domains- Fire, Destruction, Rune, Evil
Favored Weapon- Maul

Arctelion (LG) God of War, Glory, Honor
Domains- Glory, War, Law, Protection
Favored Weapon- Longsword

Dovass (CG) God of Commoners, Militia, Homes, Independence, Protection
Domains- Luck, Trickery, Good, Chaos,
Favored Weapon- Longbow

Draconis (LG) God of Dragons, Sorcerers, Dragonkin
Domains- Fire, Magic, Protection, Good
Favored Weapon- Greatsword

Fraywin (CE) God of Lightning, Violence, Wrath
Domains- Air, Chaos, Destruction, Weather, Fire
Favored Weapon- Maul

Garresh (LE) God of Conquest, Tyrants, Force
Domains- Strength, War, Evil, Law
Favored Weapon- Mace

Haerai (NG) God of Love, Family, Children
Domains- Community, Good, Healing, Protection
Favored Weapon- Billhook

Karanar (NE) God of Thieves, Greed, Vagabonds
Domains- Trickery, Darkness, Luck
Favored Weapon- Shortsword

Kyrinan (N) Magic, Wizards, Sages
Domains- Magic, Rune, Knowledge
Favored Weapon- Quarterstaff

Molag (CE) Murder, Assassins, Death
Domains- Chaos, Death, Evil, Destruction
Favored Weapon- Greataxe

Ramnit(NE)God of Undead, Crypts, Prisoners
Domains Death, Darkness, Evil
Favored Weapon- Morningstar

Paarthus (LN) God of Castles, Cities, Justice
Domains- Nobility, Law, Protection
Favored Weapon- Greatsword

Pessosin (CN) God of Wind, Sky, Storm
Domains- Chaos, Air, Weather
Favored Weapon- Crossbow

Sylus (N) God of Forests, Animals, Nature, Life
Domains- Animal, Plant, Earth
Favored Weapon- Shortspear

Terrendam (CN)God of Fire, Dawn, Renewal
Domains- Fire, Destruction, Sun
Favored Weapon- Longsword

Uos (LN) God of Forge, Craftsmen, Miners
Domains- Artifice, Earth, Knowledge
Favored Weapon- Warhammer

Varya (NG) God of Healing, Life, Spring
Domains- Healing, Good, Sun, Protection
Favored Weapon- Longspear

Vyrena (CN) God of Lust, Beauty, Hedonism
Domains- Trickery, Charm, Liberation
Favored Weapon- Glaive

Walderin (LN) Merchants, Travelers, Inns
Domains- Travel, Protection, Law
Favored Weapon- Dagger

Zeor (N) God of Sea, Trade, Sailors, Water
Domains- Water, Weather, Luck
Favored Weapon- Scimitar


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