New Items

Aspergillum- This lightweight metal device looks like a small club or mace. Each contains a reservoir that can hold up to 3 pints (3 flasks) of holy water. By shaking the aspergillum as a standard action you can sprinkle one flask of holy water on a target within melee reach. This action is a ranged touch attack that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. An aspergillum does not require any proficiency to use. Many adventurers prefer using an aspergillum rather than throwing or pouring out the contents of a flask.
Price: 5 gp Weight: 3 lb.

Disappearing Ink- After being used to write a message, this blue or red ink vanishes from view at the end of an hour. Heat, such as a candle flame, applied to the writing surface makes the ink appear again. A Perception check (DC 20) reveals traces of the writing.
The Alchemy DC to make Disappearing Ink is 15.
Price: 5 gp Weight: -

Herb, Cassil- Cassil is a small shrub similar to mustard plant. Its seeds are ground into a fine, tasteless powder that suppresses fertility. Men who want to avoid fathering children use this herb. A male humanoid who eats about a teaspoon of cassil is rendered infertile for a period of 3d4 days, although it requires about an hour before the herb takes effect.
Stories abound of disloyal courtiers who dosed their kings or lords to prevent conception of a royal heir. Using either the Heal skill or the Profession (Herbalist) skill, the effects can be detected and countered with a DC 20 check.
Price: 1 gp (1 dose) Weight: -

Herb, Narraroot- Narraroot is a black, woody tuber with a licorice-like flavor. Shavings steeped in hot water make a strong tea that renders women infertile for 1d4+2 days. Chewed raw, the root tastes unpleasant, but the effects are more potent and last for 2d4+4 days. Women who do not wish to become pregnant use narraroot. Using either the Heal skill or the Profession (Herbalist) skill, the effects can be detected and countered with a DC 20 check.
Price: 2 sp (1 dose) Weight: -

Marbles- About two dozen small glass or flawed rock crystal spheres in a leather pouch. Commonly used as a toy, but also handy for checking slopes in a dungeon corridor (put one down and see which way it rolls) or as a nondamaging alternative to caltrops. One bag covers an area 5 foot square. Creatures moving or fighting in the area must make an Acrobatics check (DC 15) or be unable to move for 1 round.
Price: 2 cp Weight: -

Potion Belt- This handy belt can be worn around the waist or across the chest and had room for up to six potion vials. The potions are arranged in a convenient fashion that makes it easy for the wearer to access them. Drinking a potion stored in the belt is a free action for the wearer, but can only be done once per round.
Price: 3 gp Weight: 1 lb.

Scentbreaker- This small bag contains a collection of aromatic herbs or a strongly scented alchemical mixture. Either version can confound a creature’s sense of smell. You can toss the bag as a grenadelike weapon with a range increment of 10 feet, or you can scatter the contents someplace where a creature tracking by scent will come across it. It covers an area 5 foot square and once scattered the contents remain potent for 1 hour.
A creature can sniff the bag’s contents from a direct hit, from a splash or from sniffing the area where the contents were scattered. If struck by a direct hit, the creature must make a Fortitude save (DC 18) or lose its scent ability for 1 minute. After the minute is up, the creature must make a second Fortitude save (DC 18) or lose its scent ability for 1 hour. Being splashed or sniffing the scattered contents has the same effect, but the DC is lowered to 15. A direct hit or splash only affects one creature of Small or larger size. The contents affect all creatures of Tiny or smaller size in the 5-foot square where a bag of scentbreaker strikes.
Note: The Alchemy DC to make a scentbreaker is 15. If you have 5 or more ranks in Profession (Herbalist) or gain a +2 synergy bonus on checks to craft it.
Price: 5 gp Weight: -

Scroll Organizer- This sturdy leather band has straps sewn into the side that are designed to securely fit a scroll. Up to ten scrolls can be held in this organizer, with their labels clearly shown for easy selection. The leather exterior keeps the scrolls safe from weather and other effects during storage.
Price: 1 gp Weight: 1 lb.

New Weapons
Claw Bracer- (Small Exotic Weapon) Popular with wizards and sorcerers, a claw bracer is a metal armband with three steel claws protruding from the top, extending to about 4 inches beyond the tip of the wearer’s extended fingers. The wearer can cast spells normally and cannot be disarmed. Many claw bracers are magic weapons.
Price: 30 gp Weight: 2 lb. Damage: 1d4 (19-20/x2) Damage Type: Piercing

Maul- (Large Martial Weapon) The maul is simply a two-handed warhammer of enormous size. This weapon is favored by dwarves.
Price: 15 gp Weight: 10 lb. Damage: 1d10 (x3) Damage Type: Bludgeoning

New Services
Brothel- Hour Night
Poor 5 cp 3 sp
Common 1 sp 7 sp
Good 5 sp 3 gp
Noble —- 6 gp

Brothel: A brothel is an establishment that offers sexual services for a fee. Poor establishments might be a dockside bawdyhouse or a shack set up for farmers near a market. Often there will be only minimal privacy for the patrons, or none at all, with everyone being crowded into a single central room. Common establishments offer more privacy, but the walls are still thin and the workers are often unwashed. These cater to poorer merchants and wealthier villeins. Good brothels offer a wider variety of choices, and usually provide wine or other refreshments to their clients. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the workers bathe before each client. Noble brothels are often open only to those of noble blood, or possibly great fortune. No expense is spared in decorating and maintaining the rooms or the workers. Clients are given their every desire, and the place is kept sparkling clean.
In establishments such as these, there is commonly a chance of catching disease. Each time a brothel is patronized, there is a chance of catching disease. This varies by quality, being 15% for poor, 10% for common, 1% for good and none at a noble’s brothel.

New Items

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