The Gateway to the Imperial Heartlands, the city of Highforge is an Imperial city to its core. While the towns of Pallon and Silvercrest have been frontier towns, Highforge has the stone walls and slate roofs iconic of cities on the other side of the Copperpeaks. Merchants and craftsmen who migrate to the Great Vale from their homeland have built this city to make them feel as if they never left. Throughout the crowded streets, you can hear the ring of hammer on anvil and see woodworkers, gemcutters and tailors at their work. Highforge is an artisan’s city. Surrounded by tall stone walls and even taller mountains, the industry of Highforge is, as its name implies, metalworking. The city is also home to many skilled masons, jewelers and other craftsmen who make their living working what is mined from the earth.

Points of Interest
Basilica of Arctelion- This grand structure is attached to the local Knights Venator Chapterhouse and also provides shelter to other knights who wander into town. The temple shop sells divine potions and scrolls of 3rd level and below.

Crystal Forge- Attached to the accompanying Crystal Griffon Inn, this is a forge famous for its fine craftsmanship. It can provide any simple or martial weapon or armor of masterwork or +1 quality. The Crystal Forge and the Crystal Griffon Inn are owned by the Highforge Smith’s Guild.

Godscar- A huge gorge cut through the center of the city. Legend has it that this is the wound in the earth cause by an errant blow during a duel between gods. The Godscar is overlooked by Highforge Keep at its northern edge, and the Wizard’s Guild campus sits on the western edge. The eastern edge is the location of many upper class homes, whose gardens look out into the gorge and the alpine lake at the bottom of it.

Highforge Keep- The seat of government for the city, this is also the residence of Lord Jarrel. The garrison commander and about half of the city’s soldiers are housed here and the position overlooking the city and the pass into the Heartlands makes it the most strategically important structure on this side of the River Dawn.

Highforge Wizard’s Guild- This guild is not open to the public, but it maintains a small library and an alchemist and scrolls shop that are both open to the public. The library requires a 1gp fee to enter and the alchemist can provide any arcane potion or scroll of up to 3rd level.

Horse’s Drink Tavern- A tavern renowned for its connections to the seedier side of Highforge, but still maintains an excellent selection of drinks and speedy service.


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