Aerti Empire History

Angen Dynasty
The Aerti Empire was founded by King Caius Angen of the Kingdom of Aerthon. A proud and ambitious man, he set about conquering his neighbors. When he was murdered in his palace by a newly conquered king, his grandson Septus took up where he left off. Septus proved to be even more cunning and skilled than the previous king. He conquered the Great Vale and the Sea Counties, and was the first crowned emperor, though he acknowledged his grandfather as the first true emperor. The Angens reigned for two hundred years before their luck ran out. A succession crisis broke out when Emperor Septus III died. His nephew Demens Angen fought his niece’s husband, Kaspar Wyam for the throne. Demens triumphed, as Kaspar Wyam was assassinated. He then took the reigns of the empire, trying to root out its remaining rebels. His methods proved heavy handed, leading to him alienating many more lords. Constant rebellions against his rule kept Demens busy, and he spent most of his reign away from the capital. When he died heirless, the Angen Dynasty was truly at an end.

Dark Years
After the fall of the Angen Dynasty, the Empire underwent a period of great internal turmoil. For forty years, a series of emperors seized the throne, one after another, but none was able to establish a new dynasty. Assassination, betrayal and corruption reigned in the capital as the Heartland houses each tried to seize control of the Empire for themselves. Outlying territories rebelled during the chaos, and this time saw the Second Orreveni Rebellion.

Terten Dynasty
In the year 175, the King Ariquen Terten of the island nation of Harranan, a former Imperial colony, landed on the southern coast of the Empire. With the great noble houses of the empire still squabbling amongst each other, his landing was unopposed. He marched inland and quickly crushed the scattered and weary forces of the Empire. Capitalizing on a distant relation to the Angens, Ariquen installed himself on the throne after killing the previous emperor in battle.

The early years of Ariquen’s reign were full of internal strife, as the new imperial house fought to soldify its rule. The Orreveni were conquered, ending their stint as an independent kingdom. They rebelled only ten years afterwards, but were crushed by Ariquen’s heir, Lucretius.

Now, a hundred years after Ariquen’s conquest, the Tertens are solidly on the throne of the empire.

Aerti Empire History

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