Baron Radvar Aforr

Baron of Aforr


Black hair, about 5’9", a weasely face and beady eyes. Very talkative and enthusiastic.


Baron Radvar Aforr (41) The Baron of Aforr Barony and Lord of Aforr Keep
Baronness Varla (44) Wife to the baron and mother to the following children:
Lord Rudolf (20) Eldest son and heir to the barony
Sir Joseph (16) Second son, a knight in service to his father
Frieda (15) Eldest daughter, betrothed to another Baron in the Empire
Ludwig (12) Third son, a squire to Sir Henry of Valten
Frederick (8)Fourth son, studying to be a priest of Arctelion

Sir Jospea (38) Brother to the Baron and a knight in his service

Baron Radvar Aforr

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