Aerti Empire

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Chapter 1: The party (Theral/David, Perry/Spencer, Devyn/Michelle, Krug/Ryan, Drax/Russell) assembles in the frontier town of Silvercrest and is hired to escort a caravan to the town of Pallon by the caravan leader, Erich Hossberg. Along the way, the caravan is ambushed by bandits, who steal Hossberg’s strongbox. After escorting the caravan the rest of the way to Pallon, Hossberg hires the party to hunt down the bandits and retrieve his belongings. During the hunt, the party stumbles across a group of orc scouts who, upon interrogation, reveal that their warchief has gathered an army in the northern mountains. The party then finds the bandit camp, retrieves the strongbox and finds that the bandits have already sent a stolen ring along to their employer “Master Nemo.” Hossberg and Sir Hector of the Knights Venator put the party on the trail of the ring, which was bought from a jeweler in Highforge.

Chatper 2: The jeweler in Highforge disappeared from his shop. Asking around led to discovering his hideout in the village of Lobemin. The jeweler, Adamas, told the party that he bought the ring in question from a team of tomb robbers. He gives them the names of the three surviving members of the team. Two of them turn out to be dead, but the third man, Declan Rivers, is in hiding at the Whitestone Monastery in Highforge Pass. He relates the story of finding the ring and several other Angen artifacts in a tomb in the Yerren Barony. Shortly after selling them, members of his team reported being watched, and then turning up dead. Rivers directs them to a map hidden in the Highforge Wizard’s Guild. Upon returning to Highforge, the party is ambushed by two assassins. During the fight, they meet Cyreth (Mike), a wizard formerly of the guild. Cyreth is able to retrieve the map, leading them to the Yerren Barony.

Chapter 3: Immediately after arriving in the village of Whiteheart, the main settlement in the barony, the master-at-arms of Aforr Keep summons the party to meet the baron. Baron Radvar Aforr inquires as to their purpose in the barony. The party responds that they are hunting orcs, and he sends them off after an orc band. After collecting the bounty on the orcs, they go to the tomb marked on Declan Rivers’ map.


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